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Activate Facebook Log In Approval For Account Protection

Facebook security is main question which comes in every mind. Everyone feels that is it secure on Facebook or not. Many users deactivate account for temporary when he not access his or her account for days or may be for few hour just to be safe.  But why they deactivate account ?  just because they have little bit fear and they don't want to compromise his or her account. So don't worry if you are aware about some protection tips then their are less to be victimized. as previous i explain about some tips which you should keep in mind while you are active on Facebook

 Must read:- Some Facebook security tips must keep in mind.

Facebook Log In Approval
Today i am going to explain you another and extra feature which add best security layer to your account for more protection. This method is Log in Approval method. This features is currently a testing features and only working for few number of countries like us, UK, Canada. In this protection features account need security code from your saved mobile number for every unknown or not saved active device. So here is the way to setup this feature for those countries where this protection is not available right know.

Steps To Setup Mobile Log in Approval

I am going to explain this process into two parts just follow them carefully

Part 1:- 

  • If you are not from of US, UK, Canada or near countries then option will not appears in your account settings. To get option you have to do some settings.
  • Firstly open Mozilla Firefox and Active Anonymox add-ons if you don't have already installed then download here
  • After installing anonymox click on the small new icon and tick them as Active. 
  • If you face problem with Anonymox search any us or Canada proxy and add them in browser.
  • Tool >> Option >> Advance >> Network >> Settings and then add proxy with port and must tick use proxy for all protocol option also.

Part 2:- 

  • After Following Part 1 make sure that your browsing is working fine with us, UK or Canada proxy.
  • Now Log in into your Facebook account >> Account Settings >> Security tab.
Start Log In Approval  
  • If your proxy is working fine then the option will appear for Log In approvals
  • Before producing make sure that your mobile should added into your account.
get Start fb Approval
  • Then tick into box and click on get started button.
  • Then select your mobile device type which your are using for that number. If android, iPhone or any smartphone then select or otherwise select others option and proceed.
  • Now code has been send on your mobile number simple note and enter them into box and click to continue button.
fb Approval code
  • Then further is option if you want then tick them otherwise leave and click on close button.
  • Now log in approval protection is fully activated for your account.

Some Important Tips:-

  1. In Log In approval their is option of Backup codes. simple get that 10 codes and note down it will helps you to log from unknown browser wherever you don't have mobile phone and always keep in mind never send your codes to anyone.

  2. Whenever you log in from unknown place where may or may not you open fb id again like in school, cafe. then after adding approval code then select don't save device option. Which means wherever someone want access from same browser again it need approval code.

  3. Try to activate other features like code generator as alternate if you have any smartphone. just because something if you mobile number will misplace or out of reach them it helps you to access.

For more security features must follow:-

I hope this feature will be helpful for you become more protected. if you have any kind question or any doubt in you mind related to this topic must share in below comments box :)
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Google Chrome Extensions For Web Developers

Google Chrome is a famous for web browsing just because it is a lighter, Fastest and secure browser. Google Chrome is great competitor for Mozilla Firefox. Google Chrome made his top place just because of its features, extensions, browsing friendly. I personally like Google chrome just because of its one amazing feature of working as a multi browser. Means Your can easily create multiple different browsers in Google chrome. That means you able to log in and access numbers of different accounts at same time on same browser. If you want to know how to use Google Chrome as Multi tasking browser then must read how to Use Multiple Account On Google Chrome.

chrome extensions
Now here i am going to introduce some of the best extensions for Google chrome which are helpful for web developers and designers in performing number of difficult task easily.

Here are Some Best Google Chrome Extensions

Firebug Lite is totally helpful for web designers and developers. Its helps you to observe the coding of any particular website design. You can easily change any coding of HTML, CSS, JavaScript to observe the output result on that homepage. You can also examine DOM elements within Firebug Lite. It is little different from Firefox Firebug.

firebug lite
As already posted a separate article about the Alexa toolbar with downloading. Must read that for deep knowledge about the Importance of Alexa Toolbar and Status. Alexa toolbar is also best SEO and Web developer extension which help to see the current and ranking and SEO performance of websites and pages.

 alexa traffic rank
This extension is my favourate also. Its helps in number of ways in JavaScript Enable, Disable with many other features. Cookies based tools, Images helps, CSS, HTML for any webpage. You can easy able to find what you need on that page. Web Developer contain numbers of different tools for getting into depth of webpage.
web developer
This extension is also helpful and useful while web designing. Number of times situation comes when we like someone website fonts but we don't know how to get them out and use them on your web page then in that situation this extension is totally helpful for getting fonts. After installation simple click on particular font and get the details.

what font

Speed Tracer helps you to check and test the speed and load or web pages. Speed test will help you to find thing which are taking too much load. So its better to add those images or any design which consume less size and load faster. Probably it help you to understand which part take more size and time for loading. So its better to use this tools while designing.

6. Eye Dropper

This Extension is helpful for finding color codes details from anything in web page. Eye dropper can easily pick color code from text and images also. Simple install this extension then just start this extension and open any web page from where you want to get any color code and hover your mouse on that portion and its will show its HEXA and RGB color code.

eye dropper
Chrome SEO tool is better idea to observe SEO reputation of any web page. In this extension you can easily find total number of indexed pages in number of different search engines, Total backlinks, Traffic details given by different networks. So it is a simplest way to see all data of different famous networks within same page and help to save time. Its also provide Whois and domain details.

SEO for chrome
As the name explains, this extension help you to see any web page design, look and behavior in different size screens. Its helps to understand the design is responsive or not and also help to design any responsive web page. This extension almost contain all sizes appearance because all visitors does not have same size resolution screens, devices also. So its necessary for better user experience.

This extension almost of same type like web Developer extension. It helps in related CSS view, Reloading, Disable CSS, JavaScript, it also provide images tools, form tools and also with other important miscellaneous Tools. But the extra tools it have according to web developer extension is Validation facility. It help in validation of codes which contain Markup, CSS, Feed, WAI validations and Link checker features which help to make more clean tidy codes.

BuiltWith is best way to all the technologies working behind the particular webpage or website. It gives all the information regarding Domain , Hosting or platform used by that site. Advertisement platforms. Social Media networks, JavaScript and widgets providers, Document and content based details more, more and more. in short it is best way to observe all the A To Z Technology platform working behind that Website.
These are some of best and popular chrome extensions for web developer and designers. If you have nay another best developer chrome extension must share in below comments
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6 Facebook Security Tips Must Keep In Mind

Facebook security
Facebook is a huge social networking site which has millions of daily users.Security and privacy is the main thing for any social networking sites because we have some personal information and pictures which we only want to share with our family members and friends,not any unknown persons. So for the security or privacy, Facebook has stepped up new features in their site for their users.You are also the protector of your own information within Facebook, So you have to play your role as well. There are simple things you should. As i already post about making your account secure and increasing Protection. If you want to know how much your account is secure then must follow below given two given topics

Must Read:- How To Make Secure Your Facebook Account

Must Read:- How To Increase Protection of Your Facebook Account

Here are simple things which helps to keep your account safe

1. Use a strong password:- You have to make a strong password and which is not use for any other account. For other accounts use different passwords. Use a different combination of numbers and letters and also use logical operators like (@, ! or &) etc. Learn how to change password

2. Activate All Security Settings:- Make secure your email accounts like gmail, yahoo etc. If you don't know how to secure gmail account then must read our tutorial on Gmail Account Protection. If connected email is secure then your have to do some security settings in Facebook account settings. Go to Facebook  Settings -> Then Switch To Security Settings. Always add at least 2 email address and mobile number. Try to use and activate all given security settings  available in security section like secure browsing, Log in Notification, rusted Contacts and more.

3. About Section Settings:- All your personal information is in about section that what is your mobile number, where you live, where your family lives, your date of birth, your work place and everything you put in there. So keep your information secure from unknown persons and keep them only Friends or Only Me.

4. Privacy Settings:- From privacy setting you can manage who can see your stuff. Don't let unknown persons to see your stuff keep them only friends can see your posts. You can also manage who can look you up. If you allow anyone can look you up then any random or unknown persons can search you on FB. Keep only friends can look you up, so you can keep far yourself from other persons you don't know.

5. External Links And Apps:- Never click on any doubtful links which can send by your friends or any other company and want you to put your email and password. Also check URL before login into FB, Sometimes people make fake Facebook Log in pages. If you see any doubt in link then get change into Always make sure that log in Facebook page URL must contain If you URL or link is differ then leave that page. Never log in into any untrusted Facebook app. Never enter password in any application.

6. Update browser:- Update your browsers because latest version browsers become with new security protection facilities which will alert your from any harmful sites. FB mostly prefers Mozilla, Google Chrome, Safari, opera and Internet Explorer.

To become fully secured Little bit effort is necessary. So always examine everything to do before not only on Facebook also on other networks.  So be safe be secure :)
Posted by Azzaam Khalid

Add Facebook Comment Box To Blogger

Facebook developers always try to make user experience more better with its features and Facebook itself. So that's why Facebook developer also introduce Badge and social plugins which includes number of helpful things for rest of web. For the list of number of best plugins Facebook comment is one of them. Facebook Comment box helps your blog visitor to comment on your blog via Facebook account. Facebook comments also helps to increase your site traffic because if someone use its account to make comment then your commented post automatically comes in their news feed. Which increase chances for getting more visitors. As i already discuss about the advantages of adding Facebook Like Box and also using Facebook Like button in between articles. Facebook Comments box also help you to make your blog for user friendly if you have great visitors from Facebook. So if you want to add Facebook comment into your bloggers blog then follow below given simple steps carefully.

Steps To Add Facebook Comment Box

1. Create Facebook Application

    • First of all you need to create an app on Facebook. To create new app Visit here

    facebook comment app
    • Just create app with valid App name, their is no need to add or change any another option and if you want then add.
    • After Creating new App change sandbox mode settings to OFF
    • Click on Save Button and Note down your App Id.
      facebook comment app

      2. Settings of Facebook Comment Box For Blogger

          • Open Your Blogger Template section of Blog >> Then Edit HTML
          • Now Search for <html and Replace it with below code
          <html xmlns:fb=''

            • Now search for </body> and paste below code just before it.

            <div id='fb-root'/>
            window.fbAsyncInit = function() {    FB.init({      appId  : &#39;Your-App-Id&#39;,     
            status : true, // check login status
            cookie : true, // enable cookies to allow the server to access the session     
            xfbml  : true  // parse XFBML    });  };   
            (function() {    var e = document.createElement(&#39;script&#39;);     
            e.src = document.location.protocol +   &#39;//;;   
            e.async = true;     
            document.getElementById(&#39;fb-root&#39;).appendChild(e);    }());

              • Replace Your-App-Id  with your app id.
              • Now Search </head> and paste below code just above it.

              <meta expr:content='data:blog.pageTitle' property='og:title'/>
              <meta expr:content='data:blog.url' property='og:url'/>
              <meta content='Safe Tricks' property='og:site_name'/>
              <meta content='Blog-Logo-Image' property='og:image'/>
              <meta content='Your-App-Id' property='fb:app_id'/>
              <meta content='' property='fb:admins'/>
              <meta content='article' property='og:type'/>


              Safe Tricks:-                With Blog Title Name
              Blog-Logo-Image:-        With Logo Image
              Your-App-Id:-               With Facebook App id
              SafeTricks:-                 With Facebook Page Username

              This above method will give better appearance to blog in Facebook News Feed when someone comment on your blog.

              3. Setting For Comment Box Placement.

                  • Now Search For this code <b:includable id='comment-form' var='post'> or code look like same.
                  • Paste Below code Just after above searched code.

                  <b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;item&quot;'>
                  <div style='padding:0px 0px 0px 0px; margin:0px 0px 0px 0px;'><script
                  <fb:comments colorscheme='light' expr:href='data:post.url'
                  expr:title='data:post.title' expr:xid=''
                  <div style='color:#fff;
                  background-color:#3B5998;border: solid 1px #ddd; font-size:10px;
                  padding:3px; width:520px;'>Facebook Blogger Plugin by <b><a
                  alt='blogger templates' href=''
                  style='text-decoration:underline; color:#fff;' target='_blank'
                  title='blogger templates'>Safe

                  • In case if are not able to find above searched code or in case if comment box not appear then instead this code <b:includable id='comment-form' var='post'>
                  • Then Search for this code and paste above given coding just below it.
                     <div class='post-footer'> 
                    • This code may comes 2 times always choose code which comes second.
                    • Now to change width of comment box change values of  width='530' and width:520px
                    • Now Save Your Template Settings. Now Refresh your any blog post and see live Facebook comment box.

                    4. Steps To Hide Blogger Comment Box

                    • If You want to hide your blogger comment box 
                    • Then go Settings tab of blog >> Then  Post and Comments 
                    • Now Change Comment Location to Hide and then save settings.
                    I try to explain the whole process into 4 sub parts in which i explore about comment app creation, then design placement, then comment box placement and Blogger comment box hiding. I hope you will follow all steps as i mention carefully without any mistake.
                    In case if you face any issue while implementation feel free to share your comment.
                    Posted by Azzaam Khalid

                    Facebook's new "Donate Now" button for non profits to collect donations

                    Facebook always is active for launching new features whether it is a Sympathize button or Auto-Play videos in mobiles or displaying "Web" or "Mobile" for mobile users in chat. Every feature is a unique one and play a different unique role.

                    As this social media is designed in such a way that anyone can use it for their own purpose, whether it is teenager or housewives or bloggers or business personal etc everyone is using Facebook for their own purpose. 

                    This time Facebook has come up with a new button called "Donate Now" which is specially designed for non profit organizations who can collect the funds for the betterment of the people.There are situations where in people will be searching for their near and dear ones who have been stuck up in some disasters or calamities. If some NGO's or non profit organizations post in News Feed which will have a "Donate Now" button that will collect funds for the people who are suffering then that middle man's role will be played by Facebook. 

                    The above image shows a post of "American Cancer Society" which displays the "Donate Now" button below the post. This button when clicked will have a list of options for donations by users. The account details will be asked by "Donate Now" button where the user if interested in donating some funds can do so. 

                    Facebook developed this feature which gives non profits an easier way to reach out and ask for help in the times of natural disasters. There is over 1 billion people who access Facebook and taking this into consideration, the non profits will get a best way to ask for help and support from people. 

                    There are about 19 non profit organizations who will start displaying the "Donate" button at the top of their pages and at the bottom of the posts. 

                    Overall, a big thanks to Facebook for launching this feature after having asked for filling the "Interest form" by some organizations. Many have given the positive response and this feature will be in action from today. 

                    Facebook Trick to recover stolen "Fan Pages"

                    When you create a fan page in Facebook, there is a facility to set some roles for users accessing and posting in the page. These are called as "Admin Roles" in Facebook Pages. There are different roles assigned for managing the pages as needed. If you know how to add another "Admin" to your page, with a specific role then there is a fear of your fan page getting stolen by another person whom you have added in the admin role.  

                    A creator of the page has to be the "Manager" of the page as he is creating, posting, etc and accessing the whole page. If he wants to add anyone who can access the page for some other reason who is trustworthy then you can set him or her as any other role. 

                    When a hacker hacks your fan page, then instead of thinking "Why", take steps to find out a solution to "How".

                    First things first while recovering your stolen fan page is where to report this theft and how will it get resolved. 

                    Some important steps that will help are : 

                    • Create an "Email" where the details of your fan page and include that your fan page was stolen in the email. In the email also include who are the managers and other admins who can access your fan page to post 
                    • Fill out the forms by clicking on the links provided below: 
                    • Then post your Facebook fan page hack problem in the following Facebook forums.   

                    • If there is no response from Facebook after 5 business days, then you have to issue a press release 
                    • Coming back to the point, post a small article on your blog or website stating that the fan page has been hacked
                    Till that time, you will get a reply from Facebook regarding the email that you sent them. 


                    Tricks to avoid "Facebook Cloning"

                    Are there any "CopyCats" around you? Some people can create a fake profile of yours with some tricks. This may be hacking but this involves a process called "Cloning". 

                    When you have your personal account then how can anyone else take charge of your account by creating a fake one which is similar to yours!!!

                    Here the trick of creating "Facebook Cloning" is used.

                    In other terms, Facebook cloning is a type of stealing one's identity where dodgy characters make a second profile which is similar to the current one.

                    Later on they send the friend requests to all your friends from the cloned profile. It is nothing but they are fooling your friends by sending fake requests from the cloned profile.

                    The process then comes at a stage where they post comments or add images and chat with your friends with your identity. The cloned profile helps to do them all these stuff.

                    In such cases, when any other person who is not known to you and cloning your profile to use your contacts for communicating, it is theft and something must be done to avoid it.

                    Before making any steps for avoiding Facebook cloning, you should first know whether it is really been done or not and how they do it.

                    Know how Facebook cloning is done:

                    • First they send you a friend request
                    • Once you accept it then they start copying all your contacts and other information
                    • They save your profile pictures and profile and each small things that you have shared
                    • Then create a fake email id either in Gmail or Hotmail 
                    • Using this fake email then they register for a new Facebook account
                    • They use your exact profile pics and information and give it as exact look and feel of your profile 
                    • After all this they start copying all other information and pasting in the new cloned Facebook account
                    • Later they will like all the pages that you have liked in your profile. Sometimes they will copy the comments that you have made in your profile to that extent that the new profile should look the same
                    • Now the time has come to block you to see the new fake or cloned profile by just clicking on "Report / Block" option. Once this is done you will never come to know that a new fake or cloned id is prepared without your knowledge. 
                    • Now they will do as they want to do in the new cloned fake Facebook profile but "As You"
                    This post is to make you aware of the process of cloning in Facebook and not to fear you. Once all this is done, then they start sending friend requests, share their comments , like pages and groups , everything else but only difference will be you will not know that they are using your cloned profile for doing all this.

                    In the article by Nivashni Nair, where the writer points out about few cases that have been victims about Facebook ID's Cloned

                    The main reason behind this is Privacy Settings and Accepting any Friend request

                    Cloners will start their steps with sending a friend request to you. Once you have accepted they have won half the battle. So, when accepting any request, first check whether the person who is sending the friend request is known or not known or has atleast 1 mutual friend in common. 

                    Please go through some tricks that will help you to avoid this type of crime against you: 

                    • Check for the person who is sending you a friend request
                    • Do not accept if he or she is unknown 
                    • Accept only them who has at least 1 mutual friend in common
                    • Check and edit your privacy settings 
                    • Change the photo albums privacy settings
                    Most importantly , Facebook has its "Help Center" where you can go through for more information. Report to any fraud being done against you immediately. 

                    If the cloning of your Facebook profile is gone to an extent that you cannot deal then better to inform your friends and family that you are deleting your profile completely and creating a new one. And as soon as you take this decision, better delete your present account and create a new one with a fresh look. 


                    Top 10 Best Android Apps For Blogger

                    android blogger apps
                    Blogger is a platform where you can expressing yourself and your thoughts and what you know on the internet. Sometimes its difficult for you to post regularly on your blog when you are away from your computer or laptop. But know you can post daily or expressing your thoughts whenever you want with help of android apps for blogger. Now a days android market become a most popular with their newly apps. Android is a operating system for mobiles. It is a Linux based operating system.With the help of these applications you can post directly from your mobile whenever you want. So below i can introduce you some best application for blogger.

                    1. WordPress

                    WordPress is a most popular blogging system on the web. If you have a WordPress blog you can editing, publishing and checking your analytic data through the installation of android app.
                    If you are busy and out of home or away from your PC this app allows you to post whenever you want from your mobile phone by which you can daily post for your readers. With the help of this app you can create post, edit and manage your comments etc.

                    2. Tumblr

                    Tumblr is a micro blogging system on web. It is a famous for its social Media network.You can post text,photos, videos, links, music from your browser, phone, desktop and email. You cal also customize your themes from HTML coding. Additional feature is you can saving drafts, scheduling posts and viewing previous posts. This app allows you to post texts, link, music, videos etc. 

                    3. Blogger

                     Blogger is a another most popular platform for blogging.It is same as WordPress and Tumblr blogs.It is a simple user interface you can compose new posts, editing, publishing images and videos directly from your mobile phone with the help of this app.You can download blogger from the Google play store. This app allows to you check your stat, manage comments and compose new posts.

                    4. Live Journal

                     Live Jornal is a one of the social blogging platform where you can share photo's, artworks, your thoughts and other experiences.If you are a long time fan of LiveJournal than don't worry you can posts, manage your comments and manage your posts you have published with the help of this app whenever you want from your smartphone and tablet. You can download this app from Google Play Store or from Android Market.

                    5. Google Analytics

                    Google Analytic is a tool for monitor how's your blog going on. With the help of this application you can check your blog or site traffic, ranking and site statics wherever you want. Google Analytic also help to observe adsense.

                    6. Writer 

                    Writer is a Word Processor tool.Sometimes its difficult to write posts in the other apps, you want to only write and not to want that anything can distract you.So in this app you can only be concentrate on writting without any other distraction. 

                    7. PayPal

                    PayPal is online secure way to transfer money and also for receiving. So its best to download PayPal app to see transaction at that time where its not possible to access PayPal on PC. So its an easy to pay someone and easy to make deal at where you want. So it is a necessary part for all bloggers for marketing.

                    8. Disqus

                    Disqus service offers commenting facilities on website or blog. So its also helpful for commenting and its management. By installing this app you can easily comment on your site. Also able to read latest comments and deleting any spam comments. So its also good feature for mobile blogging.

                    9. Google Drive

                    Google Drive is free storage hosting service by Google. You can easily use any gmail account, for each email id storage space available is upto 15 Gb. So also download Google Drive app on your android to store images, videos, and File. So its also helpful for mobile blogging.

                    10. Photo Editor

                    Photo Editor app is helpful to click picks and for editing. By using Photo editor app you can easy make images and upload them on Blog. If you are posting or having any blog related to images and then its help to reduce work load and also great and helpful app for mobile blogging.

                    I hope these ten apps are helpful for bloggers without pc access and easily do blogging on mobile. If you have any interesting and useful app for mobile blogging must share with us

                    Posted by Azzaam Khalid

                    How to add "Instagram tab" to Facebook Fan Page

                    Facebook fan page needs interesting tabs to make it more impressive. If you have fan followers who interact with you via images or photos. They want to share some of their thoughts and express their feelings via photos then some platform should be there in your Facebook page which will help your fans do accordingly. 

                    Then in such cases use of an app called "Instagram Feed app for pages" can be used. This tab when installed on your fan page will give your fans a base to share their feelings via images. 

                    As you all know that Instagram is an online photo sharing, video sharing and social networking service that enables its users to take images and videos and share to their fellow people. 

                    To add the Instagram app to your Facebook fan page:

                    • Log in to your account
                    • Search for "Instagram Feed tab for pages" in Graph search box
                    • Select the fan page from the list displayed 
                    • Click "Add Instagram Feed Tab"
                    • Log in to your Instagram using your user name and password
                    • After logging in, you can see the tab inserted in the fan page with its icon. 
                    • To edit the settings, click on the pencil at the top of the tabs. 
                    • When you click on the arrow, the tabs editing options will open. You can select the tab for editing. Here select the pencil at the top of the "Instagram" tab and click "Edit"
                    • Change the tab name and image . 
                    • Click "Save" option 
                    Now you can get the images shared by your fans or you can share some of your important images via Instagram feed app in the fan pages.

                    Introducing "InstaGram Direct" to share photos to Facebook friends

                    Facebook has taken its latest swing at Snaptchat with Instagram Direct. This is a feature introduced by Instagram for direct messaging to a group or friends or family. 

                    Instagram's CEO, Kevin Systorm said that the new feature is designed for sharing more images. Over 80 million people use Instagram everyday mostly posting images. The new feature , Instagram Direct, will allow people to send private photo messages to up to 15 people.

                    Still all this is separated for Facebook who has a zero connection with Instagram Direct. In the near future, users will be accessing Instagram Direct feature to send their photos to Facebook friends too.


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